It Begins with the Employees

If you’re only thinking about your customer experience as an external one, think again. Creating a great customer experience begins with the happiness of your team members. When employees are happy, inspired and empowered, it reflects in their customer service. 

After attending a Trina Woldt speaking engagement, you will:

  • Leave with action steps for creating happier employees.
  • Learn how happy customers can bring new customer referrals, increasing sales.
  • Be inspired to improve customer relationships.
  • Discover how to make every customer experience a memorable event.
Trina works collaboratively to apply learnings to achieve goals. She ensures all are along on the adventure. She celebrates along the way to keep energy levels high and people motivated and engaged.

During a Trina Woldt speaking engagement, Trina explains how to transform your organization into one where all employees truly care about the customers. The customer service experience is build upon a  relationship, not a transaction. By building a positive business experience for customers, you build a long-term relationship with customers and transform them into important brand advocates. 

Today’s world is ever-changing. As a working executive, Trina brings real-time and relevant customer service experience to her business speech topics. She’s familiar with today’s business world and can relate to your current customer service challenges. Contact Trina Woldt if your team is in need of training or if you're looking for a keynote speaker on creating award-winning customer service.