Trina Woldt

Create Experiences that Inspire

Leadership, Social responsibility & Digital marketing COnsultant






Trina Woldt is passionate about creating experiences that inspire people to find joy and purpose in their lives so they can make the world a better place. She is a Champion of the "Start With Why" movement started by Simon Sinek and has used the philosophy to instill purpose in her work as a Chief Marketing Officer. Trina will help you identify the true purpose for your personal and professional goals.

Trina has a unique strength for uniting people. She allows their unique nature to shine, while connecting them to a larger mission, goal or common good.
— Sara K., Corporate Innovation


Inspirational Coach on Leadership & Social Responsibility

Trina helps identify how to live your life with purpose, positive energy and kindness. 

Trina is described as:

  • Passionate

  • Creative

  • Joyful

  • Inspirational

  • Patient

  • Intuitive



Customer Experience Starts with the Hearts of Employees

Discover how to create a great customer experience, starting with your employees. At its core, customer experience is about making human connections. A relationship, not a transaction. How did the experience make you feel? That is ultimately what people remember. A meaningful customer experience starts with the heart of employees and that passion and care is shared with customers. When you create a culture starting with a genuine, caring employee experience, people are empowered. They take accountability.  You naturally develop a culture of trust, employee brand ambassadors and ultimately, a meaningful customer experience. The result: customers become your most loyal brand advocates. Learn More


Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence Begins with Unselfishly Serving Others

Do you want to become a better leader? Start by taking care of others. The best leaders are generous and kind; they care about their team members as human beings. When leaders genuinely care about the team,  it builds trust. People feel safe and supported. The team focuses on the work and ultimately deliver results. Creating a culture of collaboration over fear is far more productive and motivates people to come to work. Identifying the higher purpose for the business inspires us all. Giving back gives our work meaning. Why do we do what we do? At the end of the day, we are here to connect as humans and make the world a better place. Leadership is about unselfishly serving others, not yourself.

Learn more about developing your genuine leadership style. 



Be Inspired

Growing up, Trina’s family found every moment had something worth celebrating. She learned early in her life the importance of lifting others up by celebrating a birthday, sharing a big hug, saying thank you and telling people you love them. Trina also learned, that when you feel most broken, there is sunshine in the darkness. This prepared her to be a caring leader and coach. Trina believes that if we listen, love and spread kindness we can make the world a better place to work and live. To tap into this positive energy and apply this passion to all aspects of your life, Contact Trina Woldt.