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Empowering Great Leaders through Servant Leadership

Motivated by her personal experience as an executive, Trina Woldt believes all great leaders are servant leaders who focus on building trust. Kindness matters, especially when it comes to inspiring leadership and motivation. Empower your employees to take control of their work results by taking care of them.

As a leadership coach, Trina Woldt focuses on helping you:

  • Become a servant leader

  • Make employees feel safe, secure and cared for

  • Create a workplace with more diverse leadership voices

  • Deal with bullies in the workplace

  • Focus on the people, not the numbers

Trina rises to the hardest of situations with no reservation, taking on jobs that most women would shy away from.
— Rachel J.-Marketing Media Executive

Women and Leadership

When Trina Woldt began her career, she immediately sought out female role models in the business environment. As a coach, Trina shares her personal insights on leadership and motivation from the perspective of a female business professional. As a leadership coach, Trina shares her advice on staying positive, being resilient, and serving others. She is determined to help others rise up. 


Becoming a Servant Leader

Work – and life – can be hard and stressful. As a servant leader, it is your job to lift others with kindness and positivity. By placing the focus on kindness and taking care of employees, leaders can create a happier work environment where big things happen. Learn how a focus on positive leadership and motivation can be easily aligned with your current leadership style. Turn your focus toward the well-being of employees to see real results in their productivity and job satisfaction.

To learn more about becoming a servant leader and creating a positive work environment, Contact Trina Woldt.